Pinoy ER doctor, who saved hundreds during the 2017 Las Vegas shooting massacre, shares his life-saving method

LAS VEGAS — The shooting at Gilroy, Calif., was a sad scene familiar to Fil-Am emergency doctor Kevin Menes.

Dr. Menes was the E.R. physician on duty in one of the nearby hospitals during the October 1, 2017 Las Vegas music festival shooting massacre. Dr. Menes and his team saved more than 200 people using what has been dubbed the Menes method — a method designed to treat mass casualties caused by gunshot wounds.

“One of the big keys is triage-ing patient differently. Meaning instead of automatically saying that same people who aren’t already dead but close to death but savageable we actually save those people. What we did, instead of having a three different groups we broke it in to 4 separate groups. It was sort broken up in how long they have left to live. Those who have the shortest amount we worked on first.”

Dr. Menes explained that the “Triage Menes method” is from the Napoleonic wars — splitting up patients into separate color categories based on the severity of their wounds.

Red patients have the most severe wounds, with low chances of survival, green patients will survive with treatment and yellow patients fall somewhere in between.

“In our triage system that we did, you find the sickest person out of the group by using skin color, mental status or pulse if any of those are off those are the patients that need to be attended to first. With our system we were able to save every patient that came that could’ve been saved. “

Dr. Menes also developed the Menes method triage for bomb blasts, chemical burns and biological weapons casualties.

He is traveling not only across the world to give lectures to emergency medicine residents and ER hospitals to share what he learned on the night now known as the deadliest mass shooting in modern american history.

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