Pinoy designer showcases in New York Fashion Week

MANHATTAN, NY — Zamboanga-native fashion designer Kenneth Barlis returned to New York City for his second New York Fashion Week appearance.

This year, at the Art Hearts Fashion show, a platform for contemporary designers, Barlis showcased a collection he says honors his two aunts who recently passed away.

“It’s like a tribute for them, that’s why the colors are very dark and the music are very touchy like the song, How can I live without You, right? It’s a very Filipino approach I did,” he said.

Barlis, who is based in La Jolla California, used mostly lace and sheer materials with gold, a departure from the colorful and vibrant collection he has done over the years.

“So if you see the details of the collection, I mean we spent so much hours and time. I mean, just creating the collection within those three weeks, day and night literally we were sewing until the very very last minute.”

Barlis who has been designing since 2012 found success in designing bridal gowns first then explored creating a men’s line and moved on to women’s fashion — including the bridal gown at the finale of this year’s show, he says, is an ode to his family and loyal clients.

“I want them to feel that they’re still involved and part of the show.”


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