Pinoy designer featured at One World Trade Center fashion show

By Don Tagala, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

June 26, 2014

NEW YORK CITY, N.Y – After hitting rock bottom from a fashion scandal in the Philippines more than three years ago, Filipino fashion designer Puey Quinones is now literally reaching new fashion heights in the Big Apple.

One World Trade Center has not even officially opened its doors to the public, yet Quinones had a rare privilege to mount a fashion show on its 63rd level.

Handpicked by global fashion icon Jessica Minh Anh, Quinones was among eight designers from around the world who got to showcase their latest fashion collections at this catwalk in the sky.

“I thought American Dream is for you just to be able to work here and relocate your family. But this is more than what I dreamed of, having a show here at the One World Trade Center – the most historic landmark in the United States,” Quinones said.

From a floating catwalk in Paris, France to a 4,000 feet high catwalk at the Grand Canyon skywalk, to the skybridge catwalk at the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, Anh’s fashion shows are a global phenomenon. They bring together the most exciting designers to show their creations in the most exciting venues on the planet.

Her latest and most challenging fashion extravaganza yet is the first ever fashion show held in New York’s most iconic tower – One World Trade Center.

“I cannot think of a better location than One World Trade Center to celebrate positivity and talent,” Anh said. “I think it’s important to keep in mind that there’s always hope and the future is bright.”

For Quinones, the historic rise of One World Trade Center from the rubbles of the 911 attack is symbolic.

Having been one of Manila’s most sought-after designers for celebrities back then, Quinones had it all in the Philippines.

He was living a fabulous life until he lost everything on Valentine’s Day in 2011. He was caught re-tagging a $67 (P3,000) department store-bought suit to pass off as his own creation and even charged his clients $668 (P30,000) for it.

He then apologized to the angry clients and gave them a refund.

His lucrative career and lavish lifestyle were all gone before he knew it.

But Quinones said, today, America is giving him a second chance.

“As long as you acknowledge and accept what you’ve done before and you move on,” Quinones said. “If you can’t accept what happened, it’s hard for other people to accept you.”

Quinones came to the US nine months ago to put his past behind him and start a new life in the land of opportunity and second chances.

Quinones is about to open shop in Los Angeles soon and says that he is ready to chase his American Dream even further.

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