Pinoy dedicates Oakland Marathon run to 9-year-old killed in car accident

STOCKTON, CA — This was the typical path that nine-year-old Brianna Moua would take going home. It was on this road — on March 9th — where Brianna lost her life after being hit by a car.


Fil-Am Donald Mascardo — whose son is a close friend of Brianna’s older brother — remembers Brianna as the little girl who would ring his doorbell to pick up her brother.


“She’s very playful. She’s very nice. She’s not shy. She always likes to come into our house. She’s very joyful.”

With that memory and knowing the pain of the Moua family, the retired Air Force veteran dedicated his run of the Oakland marathon to the memory of Brianna.

The Oakland marathon was two weeks away when the tragedy happened. Mascardo would actually end his training runs coincidently at the same location where the accident occured.

As difficult as the run was, Mascardo said Brianna and her family was his motivation.

“Not a mile did I not think about her. How enduring it is and how tough it is to complete the run I know that, as I said earlier my pain and my struggle is nothing compared to what the family has felt over the loss of their daughter.”

Brianna’s father, Chue Moua, sent BA a text message to say this about Mascardo.

“There are no words I can say to express how thankful I am to Donald. He and his family has been a great support to our family during the darkest moments of our life.”


Due to pressure from the community, city officials are working on more protective measures to ensure that another child does not become another victim of this type of accident.


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