Pinoy couple completes year-long visit to all 59 US national parks

HOUSTON, TX — Husband and wife team, Victorina and Irwin Casiano, quit their 9-5 jobs to travel around the country visiting all 59 national parks, from Alaska to American Samoa, in just one year.

They say it was an experience of a lifetime.

“We’ve hiked volcanos, icefields, seen glaciers, kayaked in the ocean, been on desert sand dunes, experienced freezing temperatures. “Our water bottles have frozen while we were hiking because it was so cold. We have experienced a lot of different things.”

As lovers of the national parks system, they have always wanted to experience the natural wonders the country has to offer.

Coast to coast, and beyond the borders of the continental us, Victorina and Irwin’s trip was filled with unexpected twists, like wild animal encounters and even dangerous close calls with tornados.

“During the tornado, the trailer was violently shaking. It touched down less than a mile away from us. And a mile is not that far for a tornado. It was really close.”

To get to each of their destinations, the couple traveled together inside a small starcraft trailer, fondly named Rosie.

“We’re going from a big house to a little trailer. 15ft by 7ft. Basically a box on wheels.”

“This is our space. In this tiny space is where we change our clothes. This is everything for us.”

But the best part of the experience, they say, is getting to spend a lot of quality time together. And putting their relationship to the test.

“We had our arguments, some big some small, but we lasted, and we made it. And I think we found ourselves stronger as a couple because of it.”

They hope their nearly 6k social media followers will be inspired to explore the country and enjoy nature like they did.

For now, Irwin, an engineer, and Victorina, a paralegal, are back to work — and already looking forward to their next big adventure.


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