Pinoy cosplayer’s Johnny Depp mash-up costume goes viral

By Don Tagala, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

Oct. 30, 2014

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – Just when you thought you’ve seen every cast of characters roaming around New York’s Time Square, a new one comes along.

Glen Corral, 44, wears not just one, but multiple movie characters that his idol, Johnny Depp, has ever played on the big screen.

Dubbed as a cosplay genius by Perez Hilton, this Pinoy Johnny Depp went to Times Square to find out if New Yorkers and tourists would recognize his ultimate Halloween costume.

Cosplay is defined as a performance art where participants called cosplayers wear costumes and fashion accessories from a movie, book or video game.

Corral’s Johnny Depp mash-up costume rose to fame after wearing at the recent Comicon in New York. listed Corral’s Depp costume as number eight among their list of 17 amazing costumes from the 2014 Comicon. even tried to decipher and label each cinematic tidbit from Johnny Depp’s filmography Corral was wearing.

“Kagulat-gulat talaga, hindi ko akalain na magugustuhan nila yung mashup ng Johnny Depp characters,” said Glen Corral. “Nagulat ako. Saka encouraging din. Nakaka-encourage na mag go on.”

Corral says the best cosplayers are the ones who pay attention to details.

“Details ang importante pag-nag co-cosplay. Kailangan titingnan mo ang maliit na bagay para maging realistic yung costume mo,” said Corral.

It also helps if a cosplayer is a big fan of the character he is portraying.

“Huge fan to the point na panonorrin ko yun pulikula niya,” said the “Pinoy Johnny Depp.” “Gagayahin ko yung boses pati acting. Impersonating na para lamang maging authentic.”

On Halloween, Corral says he can be seen in some of New York’s costume contests or even join the annual New York’s Village Halloween Parade that runs on 6th Ave from Prince St. to 16th St. on October 31.

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