Pinoy care home owners join push to improve industry’s image

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – Care home owners met with officials from the U.S. Department of Labor to ensure proper knowledge of state and federal labor laws.

6beds Incorporated is a California-based non-profit organization composed of many Filipino care home owners whose goal is to promote safe and affordable care for seniors and the disabled.

“This was a historic event today,” said 6Beds Southern California President Ron Simpson, MDA, Ph.D. “It never happened before. It shows the relationship and the respect that both federal and state labor has for 6Beds as an organization and what we have accomplished in the last year.”

“In one location at one time we had over a hundred members ask those intricate questions without any bias,” said 6Beds Southern California Vice-President Elizabeth Hengstler. “There were six different people between federal and state here asking questions that they’re kind of afraid to and remedy some of those issues and concerns that we have in this industry.”

In the past Balitang America has reported on investigations of care home facilities that were found in violation of labor laws that have resulted in thousands of dollars in back wages.

“What we saw historically in this industry is that business owners just pay a flat salary for all hours worked,” said Michael Eastwood, Assistant Director of the U.S. Labor Department Wage and Hour Division. “They didn’t keep track of the hours people worked. They didn’t pay the overtime and they didn’t pay the minimum wage. There are significant changes that are happening within the industry as business owners actually realize that they do have to follow the federal and state labor laws and what we’ve seen in 6beds and other organizations are helping us in to educate the business community on what those changes are.”

6beds members say that because of the on-going relationship and training with the labor department, more facilities are up to date.

“Many of us have started really doing it that’s why the latest news from the auditors is that they are now finding out more and more of us are being in compliance already,” said care home owner Fernando Nestor Uy Jr.

Moving forward, 6beds, in collaboration with the state and federal labor, plan to hold more training sessions for more care home owners throughout California to ensure compliance.

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