Pinoy burn victim returns home to recover, thanks to SF philanthropy group

In 2015 in the Philippines, then five-year-old Ronald Tejam accidentally sat in a boiling pan of oil, burning the majority of his backside.

Internet pleas to help Ronald and his family pay for the costly procedures and ongoing treatments caught the attention of international philanthropy group, The Shriners, who arranged for free surgeries in the United States for Ronald.

After four months of free treatment, Ronald and his mother Paz are going home.

Paz had a long list of people to thank — especially the medical staff at Shriners Hospital in San Francisco, The Shriners, the Lions Club, and Greg and Lynne Mitchell, her host family.

“I didn’t think I was going to be here because without them. It’s good that there are good people like you to bring me here,” she said.

After four surgeries, the Shriners were told by doctors that Ronald is recovering well.

“He had skin grafting done to correct his skin. He also had a reversal of his colostomy. So now he can move his bowels regularly,” said Ed Caballeros.

The doctors gave Ronald a year’s supply of medication so he can continue his recovery at home in the Philippines.

Ronald is the second burn victim from the Philippines that the Shriners helped in the past two years.

Both patients will recieve on-going free medical services from the shriners in the US and Philippines until they are 18-years-old.

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