Pinoy brain cancer survivor sympathizes with McCain family

UNION, NJ — This aggressive tumor, the size of a golf ball, almost ended Jess Geronimo’s life, in 2011.

At 51  years old, he was diagnosed with gliablastoma, the same type of brain cancer that struck Arizona Senator John McCain.

The doctors’ gave Geronimo’s wife Sylvia and two young sons the grim prognosis.

“And he said, well we don’t know how deep or how much we can take away and if ever we take away the tumor if how long it would be coming back, so it’s all questions,” Sylvia said.

But Geronimo is showing his family that everything is going to be fine.

“My neurosurgeon told us like, I don’t know what you are doing because most, all in my statistics, my patients only last 2 and half years, and after that, that’s it. And you are almost 6 six years, and you are still alive.”

According to the American Cancer Society, the five year survival rate for glioblastoma patients over 55 years old is just 4 percent.

“We’re really lucky and real blessed. It’s not luck. It’s blessed. Because if you have belief in God, and you follow your doctors’ instructions, you believe in God, you have faith in Him. It’s a good thing in life.”

The Geronimo family says they know what the McCain family is going through.

They understand the need to take pleasure in simple moments, like in a photo McCain’s daughter shared on social media on Saturday.

“It’s all about cherishing the moment. We just have to be grateful and thankful that we have so much time now knowing that our dad is healthy and we can appreciate that,” said Anthony Geronimo.

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