Pinoy boxer “Ruthless Romero” Duno set to take on toughest fight

Ruthless Romero Duno’s dreams of becoming a world champion will go through Fantasy Springs.

The 22-year-old will be headlining a special Thursday night showdown on May 17th, against Mexican Gilberto Gonzalez.

The Golden Boy prospect, who is riding high on a 16-and-1 record, is fresh off a devastating first-round victory against Mexican Yardley Armenta last January.

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  • Mario
    10 May 2018 at 12:34 pm - Reply

    R DUNO will have a better future working with GOLDEN BOY Promotion, owned by Oscar Dela Hoya, netwoth $200M, first Hispanic to own a national boxing promotion. Here in America the promoter will pay directly to the boxer, not to his manager, for IRS tax. TOP RANK owned by Bob Arum Networth $300M, got ANCAJAS from MP promotion (Manny Pacquiao networth $190M) Ancajas will get $120K from Bob Arum direct deposit to his PH bank account on Ancajas-Sultan fight. Roy Jones Jr Promotion, networth $120M, got Pinoy boxer ASTON PALICTE. Sultan boxer from ALA Promotion, trying to destroy fellow Pinoy boxer Ancajas, and Nietes from ALA will fight another Pinoy rising star boxer, Palicte… My opinion this is a typical Pinoy crab mentality. “Place the crab inside the bucket, everybody will try to escape, once they reach the top, another crab will bring him down..Ayaw kung mas mayaman ka sa akin Pantay pantay lang tayo. Ancajas baka ikaw ang next MPac, sana huwag kang papasok sa politico.