Pinay’s bibingka becomes a memorable holiday hit

COVINA, CA — A 61-year old Filipina’s craving for bibingka became a holiday hit for hundreds of kababayans across the U.S. after she posted pictures of her creation on Facebook.


It took amateur baker May Africa four months to capture the perfect recipe that she says makes her rice cake taste exactly like those sold in the Philippines.


“I perfected it last November so I posted it on Facebook and a lot of my friends were inquiring if they could buy,” said Africa.


Africa has now cooked and shipped almost 1,000 bibingkas all over the US.

“My first sale went to Mississippi. I shipped it in a flat-rate box. I got a lot of feedback from them — it is so fluffy, it is so soft, it’s so buttery, it’s so yummy.”

“From then on, a lot of my friends started buying it, I started shipping it all over to Texas, Nevada, Arizona. And I got a lot of sales here too from my local friends. I am so amazed with how people love my bibingka.”


Africa says her cottage bibinka operation is just a hobby, and has no plans to start an official business.

She was just happy to bring a taste of the holidays from back home to Filipinos in America who crave for it.


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