Pinay who sheltered Edward Snowden in Hong Kong granted asylum in Canada

A Filipino family who sheltered American agent Edward Snowden in Hong Kong — after the former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee leaked highly classified information from the National Security Agency in 2013 has been granted asylum in Canada.

Vanessa Rodel and her daughter, Keana, arrived in Toronto on Monday.

This Filipino family, along with two Sri Lankan families, housed Snowden when he was on the run.

Rodel was an undocumented immigrant in Hong Kong.

Montreal, Quebec is their new permanent home.

Snowden, who faces U.S. charges that could land him in prison for decades, has since been granted asylum in Russia.

A Canadian organization called “For the Refugees” filed asylum applications on behalf of Rodel, her daughter and the five other Sri Lankan refugees who helped Snowden in hong kong.

Rodel urged the Trudeau administration to speed up the asylum cases of the Sri Lankan refugees who are still stuck in Hong Kong – and facing deportation.

“I hoping that they also come in Canada and live a better life, start a new life just like me and Keana, so I have a very big victory for us.”

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