Pinay victim of hate crime: “It ruined my serenity, nobody deserves that”

It’s a video that has made its rounds online: a Filipina experiencing a potentially racially motivated attack.

The bruise is healing, but the emotional scars are still raw for Filipina nurse-and-model Quiggle Ignacio.

“I still cry and shocked about what happened. I have moments where I just burst into tears whenever I have flashbacks I get anxiety,” she said. “I get scared about what happened. Parang sometimes I just get sad. Physically I still get headaches.”

Last Tuesday, while she was sitting in her parked car at the Eagle Rock Plaza eating bopis, a woman pushing a shopping cart with a baby in it hit her.

When Ignacio looked up, she was verbally bombarded with racial slurs, and then physically attacked. She caught parts of the incident on video.

“When she hit my face and I got in my car, I was just bursting into tears and crying and questioning why this happened to me. It’s really sad kasi I’ve worked so hard. I work hard I’m a good person and how could someone just ruin your day like that alam mo yun. It ruined my confidence. It ruined my mood, it ruined my serenity. I questioned what happened bakit ngyari sa akin yun. Nobody deserves that.”

She’s filed a police report fight after the incident, but she almost kept the incident silent.

“Should I share it or not. Will it affect my image. Gagawin ko yun? Irisk yung gagawa ko as a model and actress? Pero sabi ko sa sirili ko nun na kita ko yung batang na asian when I stepped out the police office. It can’t happen anymore. It doesn’t matter. Kung hindi ako model or actress gagawin ko so bakit hindi ko sya gagawin ngayon? Diba. Para sa tao na afektoan or na beat up katulad sa akin.”

The registered nurse did find some healing after posting the now viral video.

“I’m happy sa response. I didn’t expect it at all gusto ko mag pasalamat sa mga tao na tumulong sa akin. Umiyak ako sa sumosupporta sa akin sa nagging movement ni to. Na feeling na bigay ako husticia sa mga panginoon.”

Police are still investigating and trying to identify the alleged attackers.

Ignacio is considering pressing charges, And while she waits for that day, she’ll continue her work at the hospital and runway, while becoming an advocate against bullying and racism.

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