Pinay USC graduate uses artificial intelligence to get people fitted


It’s a tech buzzword that we hear more and more: artificial intelligence, or AI, and as Steve Angeles tells us a young Pinay is using that technology to bridge the fashion world, social media and shopping.

It’s the age-old question from red carpets to runways, social gatherings, and it’s also latched on to social media: what are you wearing?

22-year-old recent USC graduate Megan Tiu is now using artificial intelligence to answer that seemingly never-ending question.


“We can take a photo and find the product in that photo and allow the people to buy them. We are connecting the consumer with things that they want to buy,” says Tiu. “Imagine training a computer. Pretend that it’s a baby and try to teach it what is cotton. What is cashmere and wool and we’ve made some amazing break-throughs.”

She co-founded the AI startup, Frenzy.

“The explosion of social media and social sharing of photos has enabled this technology and we’ve capitalized that.”

Through the artificial intelligence, fashion-conscious consumers will automatically know what brand and style a person is wearing in a social media post, blog, and with a click of a button, a customer can get their own piece of clothing, straight from the companies.


“Retailers and brands are trying to figure out how to navigate the digital world for one but also trying to figure out how to connect most with their consumer and go direct to consumers, and a lot of people haven’t cracked that, and that’s what where we can come in; at the same time we can provide the data analytics to the brands, and the retailers that these are the exact number of times that this person clicked this shirt these are the kind of people that are looking at your items. There’s a whole data side.”

For the Los Angeles-born and raised Fil-Am, entering into the tech world is a challenge in itself with few women taking lead roles.

“It hard sometimes. Being the only woman in the room. Sometimes being the only Asian, the only young person, and a lot of the times I will sometimes be underestimated — but I’ve learned to use that to my advantage and kind of prove people wrong. I love when people underestimate me because now I have the chance to.”

She recently shared her journey to other FilAm entrepreneurs at a NextDayBetter event.

Hoping to inspire others to take on the same challenges, threading their way through an endless digital world.


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