Pinay UC Berkeley grad achieves dreams of higher education

by Jon Cana, ABS-CBN News

BERKELEY, CA — After three colleges, four jobs, and numerous classes, 21-year-old Kaye Trinos is now an alumni from the number one public university in the world.

She graduated summa cum laude with not one, but two degrees.

Kaye originally enrolled at the University of the Philippines in
Manila after high school before migrating with her family to the US six years ago. Despite starting over, Kaye was determined to achieve an education.

“It really was a hard transition at first because its just different, like a different climate from the Philippines to the US, and jus  the people I go to school with,” Trinos said. “But I had a lot of support, and I couldn’t have done it without their support.”

Her biggest supporters are Kaye’s proud parents, who credit their daughter’s achievement to their determined daughter.

A community college transfer, Kaye worked at a library, a research
lab, and two administrative jobs to help fund her Berkeley education. The hard work paid off when she graduated with two bachelor’s degrees in psychology and summa cum laude in social welfare.

Despite two majors and four jobs, Kaye still found the time to
give back to UC Berkeley’s Filipino community, where Kaye served a leadership position in, and even mentored underclassmen.

“As a freshman…ever since I came here I was glad I found someone to set the bar high…” said her mentee, Vanessa Balanon.

With one dream checked off, its on to the next adventure for Kaye: to become a psychologist, with hopes of even practicing for those underserved in the Philippines.



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