Pinay teacher devastated over student death in Philippine earthquake

By Fleur Magbanua-Mansur, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

Oct. 22, 2013

ANTHEM, Ariz. – Isadora Quijano-Ervin is devastated about the loss of lives and properties from her hometown of Clarin, located just 38 miles from Tagbilaran, Bohol’s capital. Even her family’s house was not spared by the 7.2-magnitude quake that hit the Visayas last week. It was badly damaged, leaving her family there displaced.

“They ended up seeking refuge at the barangay plaza,” Quijano-Ervin said. “ It’s okay, as long as they have food there. Our neighbors are all out there too. I really wish I can bring my family here to spare them from any more devastation in the Philippines. But it’s not that easy.”

Ervin who used to teach back home says while she is relieved that none of her family members got hurt, she still grieves over the death of a former student following a landslide.

“My student was among those killed after they were engulfed by the landslide,” she said.

Meantime, kababayans in Arizona have recently come together to help those devastated by the quake in the Philippines.

They turned their fall picnic activities into fund-raising events.

“They can use the money that we fund so they can send it [to the people in] Bohol and Cebu that were affected by the earthquake,” F.A.S.T President Jocyl Kennedy said. “They can buy food, water, rice. That’s the necessity for these people.”

Fil Club of Arizona member James Campell said pooling resources together makes their efforts more significant.

“I’m really thankful that the associations are working together,” Campbell said.

In the Philippines, private and government lenders are also giving the victims of the quake a much-needed break through a 30-day debt payment moratorium, and relief from late-payment penalties from various creditors including banking giant Citibank.

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  • JD
    22 October 2013 at 10:14 pm - Reply

    I wish that more filipinos from america can give a little more money to help them in the philippines? They need a lot of help right now. So please try to give them anything that can help all of them back home.