Pinay mother of 3 stabbed to death in Tennessee

By Henni Espinosa, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

July 22, 2014

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – Nancy Lowry would have turned 38 on July 23, but her life was cut short when on the early morning of April 23 this single Pinay mother of three was stabbed to death in Tennessee.

Neighbors reportedly heard the screams of two little boys asking for someone to save their mother.

After police responded to a 911 call, they found blood outside of Lowry’s apartment and officers entered through an unlocked door.

The suspect, 21-year old Joshua Black, was reportedly seen standing over Lowry, who was lying on the floor. They were both reportedly covered in blood and Black was seen holding a knife.

Lowry was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Black has been charged with first-degree murder. He reportedly told a detective he stabbed Lowry up to six times.

Relatives and loved-ones are still in shock over what happened to Lowry.

“Hindi nga ako makapaniwala na nangyari yun sa kanya,” said Lotis Araneta Davis, a family friend. “Syempre ang sakit-sakit diba? Yung ka-close mo, tapot nikikita mo lagi. Yung ganun. Tapos isipin mo nandun yung mga bata.”

Lowry’s three children were not injured in the brutal attack.

Lotis says she feels devastated, especially since Lowry’s young kids are left without a mother.

“Shock kami lahat,” said Lotis. “Hindi ako, ilang araw akong hindi nakatulog.”

The suspect is being held in the Montgomery County Jail with a $2 million bond. Black is expected to appear in front of a Grand Jury on Sept. 4.

For now, relatives and loved ones say they want nothing more than for justice to be served in Lowry’s senseless death.

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