Pinay fashion designer turned singer/songwriter lives her dream

SAN FRANCISCO – Kate Torralba spent over a dozen successful years designing these beautiful clothes in the Philippines.

However her passion for music led her out of fashion to concentrate on mastering another art form.

Torralba’s debut album, which took five years to make, was rightfully entitled “Long Overdue” and was released towards the end of 2013.

She has spent the last year-and-a-half performing all over the world with shows in Singapore, Manila, London, and now here in the U.S.

“I guess when it’s your calling you can’t ignore it,” said Torralba. “It’s not just something you can let go of. When I launched the album I never expected I would have this great adventure of traveling the world, playing my shows, and changing bases. I’m based in London now and it’s opened a lot of opportunities for me.”

Torralba was brought into San Francisco as part of OPM Republic’s push to reach out to first and second generation Filipino-Americans.

“We want them to learn that there are more modern music in the Philippines being curated and we want to bring them in here and be able to be in touch with the music community over there,” said Lydia Neff.

According to Torralba, making the switch from fashion to  music was not hard because of how confident she was in her decision.

“Maybe in the beginning, it was kind of a barrier because people would think that I was the designer who sings but it’s actually the other way around,” said Torralba. “Design was just a happy accident but I know my true calling is to make music.”

Torralba says that she is happy for not only doing what she loves but for also bringing pride to the Philippines.

“I am the little Filipina girl and I have my own kind of music but I’m just one of many talented musicians from over there and I’m just proud to represent the country wherever I go,” said Torralba.

Even though it took Kate Torralba five years to create her debut album she says that she has already begun on her sophomore album and hopes to return to the U.S. for more performances.

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