Pinay DJ Gingee blends cultural and modern sounds

LOS ANGELES — DJ Gingee Bang’s kulitang is unique blend of Philippine sounds and modern sounds.

“It’s kind of a reflection of just my identity and my musical taste, just cuz I’ve grown up participating in so many subcultures in LA. I just wanted to create something that felt like me that was also paying tribute to my roots.”

The multi-talented LA born and raised Fil-Am activist discovered the arts at a young age, eventually taking it more seriously in college.

I thought I was going to be like a poet or a writer but instead I ended up getting obsessed with music and then incorporating it in the music.

When she decided to pursue it as a career, she decided to do it on her own terms.

“I produce all my own music, that’s very important to me cuz as a female I like to have creative control for how I sound and of what I create.”

And even with support of her parents.

“My mom is very artistic and she enrolled me in a million classes already so she prepared me for this life… He’s like when are you gonna headline Coachella and collaborate with Paul McCartney, he just sets the bar higher and higher that’s why I love my dad.”

She’s managed to spread her music and roots at some of the major events, from South by Southwest to Coachella and Burning Man.

While still making time for the community after her recent performance at the Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture — as true as a one-woman band she is, she packed up during our chat and rushed to her Beverly Hills DJ gig.

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