Pinay co-founded Coolhaus ice cream shares its humble hip beginnings

CULVER CITY, CA — In 10 years Coolhaus has become one of the coolest treats, not just in sunny southern California, but around the world.

But before the lines at the flagship, Coolhaus began in the driveway of Susana Reyes, a current Los Angeles Department of Water and Power commissioner.

After experimenting, Reyes and her daughter began making ice cream in Reyes’ kitchen, where they eventually launched the ice cream sandwiches at the 2009 Coachella music festival.

Today, Coolhaus now has a fleet of trucks nationwide a storefront, and can be bought in thousands of stores across the globe, filling a void that didn’t exist when the adventurous couple first scooped up this idea.

They aren’t your typical flavors, many have unique names, and can come in sandwich form.

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