Pinay “changemaker” and CEO speaks at Misk Talks

NEW YORK — With the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Bin Salman’s recent visit in the US, his non-profit Misk Foundation presented Misk Talks in six cities in the US, including New York.

Misk Talk is a platform for young Saudis and Americans to give short inspirational talks about their journeys in life.

H.R.H. Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is our inspiration only a few days ago he spoke with CNN, and he said the following: “Women are absolutely equal to men.”

Among the changemakers invited to speak at the New York leg of Misk Talks is Filipina CEO of Womensphere, Analisa Balares.


“It’s also important for us to inspire changemakers at all levels of society,” she says. “The Changemakers include scientists, social innovators business leaders, college students that are trailblazing in their field and so it’s exciting to represent both the Philippines and the United States, and Womensphere my organization.”


Born into poverty in Leyte, Philippines, Balares’s father was a family driver and her mom a domestic helper for an American family in the gated community of Forbes park in the Philippines.

The Nute family took her in as one of their own. She grew up playing with kids of ambassadors in the affluent neighborhood of north Forbes.

After 4 years in Manila Science High School, she went on to study in the US, eventually earning her MBA from Harvard University and working for top companies like Goldman Sachs and Microsoft.

“I’ve been given all these talents and all these blessings, so for me, these are gifts that I want to share around the world so they get the opportunities that I had, so that they too can be changemakers.”

Balares says, having experienced life in different strata of Philippine society – gave her a better perspective in life.


“Having insight into these multiple worlds, actually allows me to do a much better job, because then I can identify what is it that is needed by women and girls, by people across the different communities.”

Balares says she will continue to inspire others through her organization Womensphere.


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