Pinay appointed to White House chief liaison of the House

The White House has appointed a Filipina American, Joyce Meyer, as its Chief Liaison to the House of Representatives.

She has just been named deputy assistant to the President in the Office of Legislative affairs, leading the House team for the new administration.

Meyer may currently be the highest ranking Filipino in President Trump’s administration.

Meyer served as House Speaker Paul Ryan’s Deputy Chief of Staff, as well as his top adviser. Ryan considers her “family,” saying they were both Senate staffers in their twenties.

She was among Ryan’s first hires when he was elected to Speaker of the House, and has been with him every day of the 18 years since.

“Through every up and down, Joyce has brought remarkable perspective, insisted on thoughtful planning, and always made sure the people of her native southern Wisconsin are at the center of everything we do,” said Ryan in a statement. “I will forever be in awe of her devotion, her energetic spirit, and her extraordinary understanding of the House.”



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