“Pillow Talk” theatrical play explores LGBT, interracial relationships

NEW YORK — Even in off-off-Broadway shows like “Pillow Talk,” the Filipino-American talent shines in the capital of great American theater.

Pillow Talk is about a newlywed gay couple trying to build a life together – it’s a look at inter-racial relationships and post-gay marriage politics.


It delves deeply and fearlessly into the marital life of “Buck,” a crusading Filipino-American journalist played by J.P. Moraga and his African-American husband Sam, a former Olympic swimmer played by Basit Shittu.


“Talk is what goes on behind sa in closed doors, it’s like that little hole in the wall to see what people talk about, this particularly is an inter-racial gay couple, an Asian guy and a Black man,” said Moraga.

It was written by Chilean born Korean-American, Kyoung Park – whose company Kyoung’s Pacific Beat dedicates itself to promoting a culture of peace and a voice for marginalized community.


“I wrote this play at the peak of marriage equality, and when gay marriage was legalized, I was engaged – I really wanted to tell a story that humanized the kind of life and intimacy and beauty that can exist between two men.”


“When I read the script it was like, I’ve lived through this, from school to my work, everyday life so it was one of those that just popped, and like I have to do this,” said Moraga.

The New York Times wrote that Pillow talk is a “political work,” and “feels very much of this moment” — saying that homophobia and racism are still very much alive at this day and age.

Park is hoping this story could be an antidote to Trump’s message of hate.


“How Love is radical, how love has the ability to bridge differences to bring people together and provide solidarity and energy in times of adversity and that is what we’re hoping to bring to life, the radicalness of love.”

Pillow Talk is part of the exponential festival – that aims to showcase local talents in experimental productions staged at the Tank Theater until January 27.


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