Pilipino Workers Center launch domestic worker app and whistleblower hotline

LOS ANGELES — Worker rights and immigrant advocates came together to not only celebrate recent victories by to find new ways to help vulnerable workers.

Many of these Filipinos work alone, as caregivers and domestic workers but for one day they came together to find ways to clean up their industry.

The Pilipino Workers Center held its annual general assembly, discussing new causes and ways to empower workers.

“It’s important for bringing us all together and seeing how we can help out to reach out to more people in our community,” said Aqui Soriano Versoza.

As PWC pushes for new laws, including a federal domestic workers bill of rights, they are finding grassroots ways to help workers — including the launch of a new hotline where people can report issues in the workplace.

“This hotline is where anyone call in if they know that there’s labor violations, either an agency or at a board and care home, it can be other agencies that see they are undercut by unfair business practices. Where others are paying illegal wages, or committing wage theft or it can be a way that people who are afraid, undocumented can call in. So we can see how big the problem is.”

And there’s also some digital help, in the form of the EMPLEO Pinoy app.

The app, could answer basic questions as well as offer another platform for reporting issues regardless of the user’s immigration status.

“This is a medium for us to do that just at the tip of your fingertips, through your mobile phone.”

PWC says they’re more inspired than ever to continue helping workers.

One of the highlights of the assembly: a pair of success stories meeting up.

Nena Ruiz, a human trafficking victim whose life story was featured on Maalala mo Kaya and Nanay Fedelina. The woman recently rescued after 65 years of enslavement.

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