Photography exhibit examines the post-WWII Filipino American experience in San Francisco

For Filipina-American Janet Alvarado, representation matters — that is why she took it upon herself to publicly display photographs taken by her late father, Ricardo Alvarado, of Filipinos living in San Francisco post World War II.

The exhibit is called “Compositions: A Filipino American Experience in San Francisco.”

These photographs include intimate family gatherings and large social events taking took place all over the various neighborhoods in San Francisco.

“It speaks to that immigrant experience. We were not able to do things freely, it speaks to who we are, we need to be remembered.”

Local elected leaders praise the exhibition, calling it an example of how America’s history of diversity can still be celebrated today, especially during Filipino-American History Month.

The Alvarado project will be held at the Hiram Johnson state building in the city until October 26th.

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