Phoenix measles threat won’t stop Super Bowl fun, fans say

By Florenz Legaspi, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

PHOENIX, Ariz. – These football fans take no notice of the rain, and they say a looming threat of a measles outbreak won’t stop them from enjoying all the Super Bowl festivities the Phoenix area has to offer.

“We have great hospitals, great doctors here in Arizona and we’re all up to date with our shots,” said the Flores family of Goodyear, Ariz.

Health officials say nearly 100 people across 15 states have been infected by measles. 67 of them got sick after visiting Disneyland parks in southern California in December.

“I’ve heard about it,” said one Seahawks fan that made the trip to Arizona from Seattle. “No, it doesn’t worry me. We have vaccinations. We’re good to go.”

“We were at Disneyland last two weekends ago for the championship game – actually we saw it, but I’m well vaccinated,” said Jamie and Sheila Vendrame of Phoenix. “So yeah, we’re doing okay.”

Experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say the virus likely came from overseas, carried to the Disney parks from a foreign tourist or an American who was infected while abroad.

While an ongoing measles outbreak in the Philippines was linked to U.S. infections last year, the CDC says the cases reported so far this year are not from the Philippines.

They say the latest outbreak is a wake up call for those who aren’t vaccinated against measles, to do so right away.

“I think most parents think measles is gone,” said Dr. Anne Schuchat of the CDC. “But it’s forgotten. But not gone. And the outbreaks that we’re seeing so far this year are a reminder that measles is a plane ride away. Twenty million cases around the world and it can be in your own community.”

Nearly a thousand people in the Phoenix area may have been exposed to measles at a medical center visited by one of Arizona’s two confirmed cases.

This Fil-Am family agrees that the risk of exposure will be too high during this very busy Super Bowl weekend.

“Since we have the Super Bowl here in Arizona and there’s going to be more, maybe like thousands of people from around the world coming here, and the virus can spread real quick — we want to prevent that,” said Jude Palacios. “We might just stay indoors for now until the Super Bowl is done.”

Doctors urge anyone in the Phoenix area who isn’t vaccinated and can’t stay indoors for a prescribed 21 days, to wear masks if they go out in public.

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  • Mario
    1 February 2015 at 12:07 am - Reply

    CDC said the virus likely came from overseas.Correct..carried by foreign tourist..wrong.. carried by 100,000 Obama illegal children from Central America.Train load by train load of illegal alien arrived last year. CDC should have injected them with vaccines before they were relocated to every State.Today, Obama,requires every children to take vaccine, instead of forcing the illegal alien from Central America to have them vaccinated.
    The Democrat and Obama, has to punished your beautiful child to have mandatory vaccination. CDC check your history, in 1983 CDC directed Doctor to give children 4 vaccine at one time.2013, CDC directed Doctor to give your child 8 or more vaccine at one time.What does the increase of vaccine means. There is an epidemic of chronic diseases and disability among American children.Blame the illegal alien, Parents, some vaccines have mercury and “Vaccination”… mandatory vaccination on you beautiful daughter, blame the Democrat and Obama..According from MSavage… this is medical genocide..

  • Delia
    1 February 2015 at 6:47 am - Reply

    Obama is flooding our nation with millions more illegals who have no identity, no background, and no medical checks. They could be ANYBODY and they could have ANY disease.

    Calif had a whooping cough epidemic but that was kept pretty quiet so the public would’nt know and TB is rampant among the illegals.

    The thousands of central americans who showed up and were given the welcome mat, without quarantines or medical check ups were flown all over the country. Many were carrying the entero virus. The entero virus would be more deadly to a child who has grown up in a country where we really only have the rhino virus. The rhino virus is a very strong, hearty organism. It lives on doorknobs, countertops, in the air for hours waiting for a moist, warm lung or sinus cavity to thrive in. The entero virus lives in sewage (poo and pee pee). We are not as used to it and therefore it wreaked havoc on our kids.

    And don’t believe that Ebola has gone away either. It was a big deal a few months ago and then, poof, it disappeared from the news. Little doubt Obama is still bringing the infected into the United States, only he’s doing so quietly.

  • Kabayan029
    2 February 2015 at 7:02 pm - Reply

    Hindi lamang I-isang beses ang US involvement sa Pilipinas. Sila ang ating Aninong kinatatakutan.
    Ako po ay nakiki usap na kung sino man sa inyo na may Video ng unang bisita sa Amerika ni P- noy, kung maaaring ipahayag muli. Tanda ko ang una niyang nilapitan at minanuhan ay si Henry Kissinger, isang Global War Criminal. . .