Philippines Terminates Visiting Forces Agreement with U.S.

President Rodrigo Duterte realizes his threat to terminate the #VisitingForcesAgreement VFA, in protest to the U.S. government’s supposed ‘rude’ treatment to the Philippines.

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  • Mario
    13 February 2020 at 2:15 am - Reply

    The timing to withdrew from VFA is wrong, US-CHINA Trade phase 1, just over, CHINA SURRENDERED everything on what TRUMP asked for. Trump still retain 25% TARIFF as leverage for phase 2. The American knew China’s economy is weakening China’s, GDP went down from 9% to 7.5,6.5 now 6.2% lowest in 28 yrs, HK is in turmoil, now the whole world will blame CHINA for the coronavirus. ASEAN meeting will be in Las Vegas, there must be a reason, I suspect ASEAN nations will put pressure on China to leave or vacate the 7 disputed Island at South China Seas. ASEAN needs Duterte to attend the meeting because the 7 disputed Island is within the 200 miles EEZ of the PH. I also suspect each Asean nations will be given the specific target Island to take over. Remember the Australian, British, and India Naval fleets had already finished their joint Naval exercise with the US Pacific fleet in South China Seas. Why at the South China Sea, not in the Pacific Ocean… There is a purpose. For DU30 US has good intentions to return the disputed Island to you.