Philippine Nurses Association of America empowers nurses providing quality care

SAN FRANCISCO — Since 1979, the Philippine Nurses Association of America, or PNAA, has been organizing Filipino and Filipino-American nurses to ensure that its members demonstrate quality care, while becoming a recognizable community within the healthcare industry.

“This is a profession that is not only saving lives but we are impacting the lives of countless Filipino nurses all over the country, not only in the United States of America, but even back in the Philippines,” said registered nurse Dino Doliente. “We do a lot of community outreach to give back.”

In San Francisco, the regional chapter of PNAA held its conference on leadership and education.

Many of the lessons on leadership can be applied beyond the medical field.


“It’s very important for everybody to understand each other well, to have a clear picture what is to take place, to be very transparent, and open about the process, the plans,” said Dr.
Mary E. Foley. The message is communicate, then communicate again, and communicate more.”

To ensure that new nurses provide quality care, PNAA is looking for qualified Filipino nurses to take their years of experience and prepare nursing students.

According to Dr. Katherine Abriam-Yago, who teaches at San Jose State University, there is a need for more Filipino nurse educators.


“The criteria, especially if you’re going on the tenured track at the university, you need to have a doctoral degree. And yes you need experience at the bedside, whatever speciality: pediatrics, obstetrics, medical-surgical nursing, all those specialities.”

It is also PNAA’s mission to seek out the next generation of Fil-Am nurses — to not only empower or help their careers, but to learn from them as well.


“We are looking and inviting them to join the local chapters of the PNAA so that they can continue and provide us with how they deliver care because this group is what we are missing,” said rn Peter Ruben Calixto.

The PNAA national convention will be held this July in New Jersey.

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