Philippine Flag raised in Daly City

As Philippine Independence is celebrated around the world this week, the Philippine flag flies proudly in one of the most Pinoy populated cities in the US.

This is the 4th annual Philippine Flag Raising at the city hall of Daly City, CA in honor of Philippine Independence Day.

Daly City Mayor Glenn Sylvester and Vice Mayor Juslyn Manalo say they were honored to host this event as proud Filipino-Americans.

“Daly City happens to have the largest concentration of Filipinos in San Mateo County, and we are so proud,” said Glenn Sylvester.

“It’s a real special time to honor that heritage of struggle, resistance, and unity within the Filipino community,” said Manalo.

Chief operating officer of ABS-CBN International Global Raffy Lopez and other leaders of ABS-CBN were on hand to celebrate the event.

Lopez adds that this flag was of particular significance since TFC recently moved into its new office building to this past January.

“We put up our first TFC feed on TCI cable vision, and 24 years later we’re back here again and so there’s a lot of significance. We’ve come full circle.”



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