Philippine embassy: Nearly 17 percent voter turn-out in 2019 Senate elections

The latest update from the Philippine embassy in Washington DC — as of May 21, all certificates of canvas had been transmitted to the COMELEC in the Philippines.

In their statement, the embassy clarified that the cause of the delay was the four malfunctioning SD cards coming from San Francisco and Los Angeles, with the last replacement SD card for Los Angeles coming in, and was processed on Monday. All SD cards were finally physically delivered to the embassy late Monday night.

The embassy added that out of the 228,470 registered voters in the U.S. only 39,511 actually voted, making a 17.29% voter turn out for the 2019 midterm elections to add this exceeded voter turn out in the midterm elections in 2013 which was at 10.55%.

The SBOC chairman consul general Renato Villa is scheduled to leave Washington DC for Manila on May 21 to personally deliver the certificates of canvas to the COMELEC.

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