Philippine dance company ‘Powerdance’ celebrates 30 years with shows in Canada

Philippine entertainment’s dance icon Douglas Nierras and his Powerdance company continued the celebration of their 30th anniversary with a 12-city tour of Canada.

Manila’s foremost dance guru proved once again why he remains at the top of his game, with his recent “Mga Sayaw ng Puso’t Kaluluwa” dance concert in Vancouver.

The new generation of Douglas Nierras’ the Powerdance company opened with a throwback to their debut performance on the Randy Santiago show 30 years ago.

The Vancouver stop was a collaboration of the sister cities of New Westminster, BC and Quezon City.

Singer Joey Albert, who’s been friends with Nierras since her Dream Girl days, lauds Nierras for what she calls his phenomenal conceptualizing ability.

Nierras is preparing for The Powerdance’s performance at the 2019 Southeast Asian Games that Manila is hosting this December before embarking on the next leg of his dance concert in the U.S come spring.

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