Philippine Airlines passengers recount horror of airplane fire accident

LOS ANGELES — As Philippine Airlines passengers were settling in late Thursday morning for what was expected to be a 15-hour flight from Los Angeles to Manila, they never expected it would come fo this — just moments after take off.

 “I heard a loud noise from the plane,” said passenger Jennifer Osteria.

“It was loud and made the airplane rumble a little bit. People were scared,” said Gabriel Laurente. 

Last Thursday, Philippine Airlines Flight 113, a Boeing 777 carrying 342 passengers and 18 crew members, departed for Manila just past 11 AM — but its engine caught fire and was forced to return to LAX.

 Around noon it landed safely, without any active flames upon landing.

Osteria, who was closer to the flames. took this video which she has shared with fellow passengers.

 “While I was hearing that loud noise as soon as we are taking off after we take off I saw those 2, 3 flames and you can hear the loud noise coming out from the plane.”

Fran O’Brien, who was sitting next to her, said she never experienced anything like this.

“Never, I was a frequent traveler.”

Philippine Airlines released a statement saying one of the engines had experienced a technical problem shortly after takeoff. 

They added that they are cooperating with airport and aviation officials who are looking into the incident.

After disembarking the plane and being sent to the counter, passengers lined up for as many as two hours, while FaceTiming with their worried loved-ones and planning their next steps. 

With no other flights scheduled for Manila on Thursday, PAL gave these passengers hotel and food vouchers. 

For Osteria, she may not get to her destination in time.

After a chaotic moment and the inconveniences, passengers we spoke to say they’re still in high spirits despite being grounded.

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