PH Sec. Cayetano: “We are on track in salvaging our deteriorating country from becoming a narco-state”

NEW YORK, NY — Before the international community on Saturday, during his speech at the 73rd United Nation General Assembly in New York, Philippine secretary of foreign affairs Alan Cayetano once again defended the government’s war on drugs.

“We are on track in salvaging our deteriorating country from becoming a narco-state, or a state held hostage by the rich and powerful who ignore the plight of the poor, powerless, and marginalized – or both.”

Migrante USA vice chair says the government must first look within its circle.

“It is very likely possible that the drug problem will not be resolved, as long as many of these people are related to the government or have influence over some people in the government,” said vice chair Gary Labao.

Whichever statistics are correct, the government reported about 20,000 drug-related deaths between July 2016 to November 2017, while other agencies reported a much higher number, the reality is many innocent people get caught in the middle of this war.

Cayetano said the government will choose to protect the rights of its law-abiding citizens over drug lords and criminals.

BA caught up with Cayetano after his speech at the UN.

134 countries have said they will sign the agreement. Hungary and the United States are opting out.

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  • Santiago Del Mundo
    8 October 2018 at 5:54 pm - Reply

    The problem with Filipinos of today is that instead of becoming more of a solution to the drug problems in the Philippines, the rather go out to streets crying about human rights this and that when their families, friends. or acquaintances are the problem, says Lanz Galacinao (BNCHS Batch 1984).