PH officials: No confirmed Filipino yet on downed Germanwings plane

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – The United States government said there is no sign that Tuesday morning’s plane crash in the French Alps was the result of terrorism.

This latest tragedy in the skies is presumed to have claimed the lives of 144 passengers and six crew members, who were on board an airbus operated by Luftansa’s Germawings budget airline.

The White House said U.S. officials have reached to French, German and Spanish officials to offer help. The airbus A320 plane was flying from Barcelona in Spain to Duesseldorf in Germany.

French authorities said the pilots did not send any distress call and had lost radio contact with its control center, leading to more questions as to why the plane crashed mid-flight.

Thomas Winkelmann, Germanwings CEO said, “At 10:45 it had the height of 10,000 feet so reached that limit at that time. The airliner then left this height after one minute and went straight down and this is our knowledge at this point in time that coming down lasted eight minutes altogether.”

The Philippine Embassy in Paris is monitoring the situation and is waiting for the passenger manifest from the airline to determine if there were any Filipinos on board. But for now, there are no confirmed Filipinos yet on board the ill-fated plane.

For now, family members of the passengers have started gathering at Barcelona aiport and at Dusseldorg Airport.

“This suffering is incredible among the families. We will do everything to get the help that they need in these difficult hours,” expressed Angela Merkel, German Chancellor.

As of this broadcast, one of the black boxes of the downed Germanwings plane has been found, according to French authorities. But they said the plane is obliterated, with no piece of debris bigger than a “small car”.

Authorities said the area’s frozen condition is complicating recovery efforts. Helicopters have flown to the crash site but have not been able to land. But officials can confirm that human remains have been scattered for several hundred meters.

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