PH government extends legal help to Fil-Am convicted of terrorism

By Balitang America, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

Sept. 29, 2014

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – The Department of Foreign Affairs briefed reporters that they will continue to extend legal assistance to Ralph DeLeon and his family “during this difficult period.”

DFA spokesman, Assistant Secretary Charles Jose, added that the Philippine government was disappointed but respects the jury’s decision.

Last week the 25-year-old Laguna born DeLeon was convicted of three terrorism related counts.

One of the counts – conspiracy to kill Americans overseas – carries a possible life sentence.

DeLeon is scheduled to return to court later this month.

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  • kikay Pang0
    29 September 2014 at 4:45 pm - Reply

    DFA offering legal assistance ? … Sorry TPS seekers , family of terrorist sympathizer first.

  • Mario
    29 September 2014 at 5:33 pm - Reply

    Legal assistance for a convicted terrorist, DFA stay away from this issue, I wish he will be deported after serving years in jail. Islam law does not allow convert Muslim to go back to Christianity,or else he will be killed.If you will release De Leon from jail he might beheading the neigborhoods.Today,a second attempt of beheading committed by Kenyan Muslim in Oklahoma, yesterday, it was a black Muslim convert did it. Oklahoma residence are buying guns to protect their family.This is America now under Obama a Democrat….