PH Dept. of Tourism revives “Bring Home a Friend” program, to attract more foreign visitors

SAN FRANCISCO — Kapamilya celebrity Piolo Pascual stars in the official music video of the Philippines Department of Tourism’s revived program, “Bring Home a Friend.”

Originally introduced in 1994 and running till 1997, the program has been upgraded to include better incentives while continuing to attract more foreign visitors to the Philippines.

Members of the Philippine Department of Tourism recently promoted the program at the free monthly Filipino night market in San Francisco, “Undiscovered SF.”

“You must be a Filipino citizen or you can be a dual citizen and you have a Philippine passport,” saidPurificacion Suanding-Molintas, tourism director. “Or you can also be an expatriate meaning a foreigner staying in the Philippines, and then you can invite a foreigner friend meaning they have a foreign passport.”

After registering online, participants will have the chance to win raffle prizes for sponsoring overseas Filipinos and their foreign friends.

Prizes include a condominium from Megaworld Corporation, a brand-new Toyota Vios, and a 200,000 pesos gift certificate at duty-free Philippines.

In addition, foreign guests can win round-trip international flights and tour packages to Palawan, Cebu and Davao.

The tourism department says that while the incentives may be attractive, they still believe the publicity of the numerous travel awards will ultimately contribute to the success of the program.

“Know that we just recently won again the Conde Nast readers choice for 2017. We have the best three islands in the world. Number one is Boracay. Number two is Cebu. And number three is Palawan. So aren’t we proud as Filipinos? It’s more fun in the Philippines! Come home to the Philippines!”

According to the tourism department, the program will run until October 2018 and will extend depending on its success within the year.


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