PH dancers win 3 medals at int’l hip-hop competition

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – Team Philippines has once again proved that Filipino dancers are world class with their three-medal win in the world’s largest dance battle, Hip Hop International.

A total of nine teams represented the country, with six of them making it into the finals.

Legit Status took silver in the varsity division; Romancon also took silver in the adult division. Last year’s defending megacrew champions A-Team took home the bronze.

“Our goal, really, is to become a unit, to worship as a unit and basically we were inspired,” said a member of Romancon. “Just imagine, from around the world we were able to touch their hearts. That moment on stage was very, very priceless.”

For the past 14 years, Hip Hop International has been regarded as the olympics of hip hop dancing. Some 200 crews represented 50 countries and a total of 3,500 dancers hit the stage for the past week. Every year, the competition continues to level up.

“We just feel so blessed and humbled just to even place today,” said a member of A-Team. “Honestly, it’s so amazing to have shared the stage with those amazing crews.”

For Hip Hop International’s Philippine leaders, including Jhong Hilario of “It’s Showtime”, it comes as no surprise to see the success of a number of Filipinos both from the Philippines and from other countries.

“You would know we’re Filipinos because if we really want what we’re doing, we will really push ourselves,” said Hilario.

Several finalists, including defending adult champions Brotherhood of Canada, were powered by Pinoys.

“Filipinos are basically natural born dancers,” said Benjo Madrigal of Hip Hop Philippines. “A lot of the dancers here always say the Filipinos are the soul people of Asia because when we dance, we embark a diffferent kind of spirit.”

For the past decade, the finals have taken place in Las Vegas but this year, the biggest dance competition in the world went back to San Diego. The city’s Fil-Am Councilman Chris Cate honored the organization with a proclamation.

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