PH Consulate checking for Pinoys hurt in deadly Philly train wreck

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – At least seven people were killed and over 200 people injured Tuesday night when an Amtrak train traveling from Washington, D.C. to New York flew off the tracks in Philadelphia.

An Associated Press analysis of surveillance video just before the deadly crash shows the train was traveling about 107 miles per hour as it approached a curve where the speed limit was only 50 miles per hour.

There were 238 passengers on board the train during the accident that occurred just past 9 p.m. in Philadelphia’s Port Richmond neighborhood.

“We’re certainly deeply saddened by the confirmed fatalities resulting from the derailment,” Amtrak’s Tom Carper said. “Local emergency responders and senior Amtrak leadership are on scene and an investigation is ongoing.”

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter said he went to the scene of the accident, adding, “It is an absolute, disastrous mess. Never seen anything like this in my life, and most personnel will say that as well.”

Balitang America has reached out to the Philippine Consulate in New York, which has jurisdiction over Philadelphia. Consulate officials say they are coordinating with Filipino community leaders in Philly to find out if there were any Filipino nationals on board that train.

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