PH Asst. Secretary Mocha Uson addresses Duterte kissing controversy

SAN FRANCISCO — On the last stop of her trip, Philippine Presidential Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson was in San Francisco check out the art exhibit at the SF Philippine Consulate.

Uson, who is known to be controversial, had this to say to the Bay Area Filipino press.

“I’m just doing my job, even though we encounter critics — but if I need to make certain changes, I’ll do it.”

Her recent controversy involved actress and host Kris Aquino — after Uson defended President Rodrigo Duterte, who was slammed for kissing a migrant Pinay while addressing the community in South Korea.

On Facebook, Uson posted a video of Aquino’s father — the late senator Ninoy Aquino — receiving kisses from women on the plane that brought him to back to the Philippines, where he was assassinated moments after landing in 1983.

President Duterte and his special assistant Christopher “Bong” Go apologized to Aquino in a press briefing.

Despite being embroiled in various controversies, Uson wants people to know about her upcoming projects in the Philippines.

“Our project is called doing the right thing; for example, we will aid in pedestrian crossing, obeying rules, and picking up litter.”

Uson has admitted that her role in the government has taken a toll on her; however, she is thankful for the position.

“This is my chance to serve the Filipino people, the OFWs, and the people who have nothing. I draw strength from them.”

Uson returned to the Philippines after her stop in the Bay Area.

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