PEZA inks M.O.U.s with Fil-Am leaders to generate Philippine investments

LOS ANGELES — The director of the Philippine Economic Zone Authority met with Fil-Am business leaders.

The Philippines is hoping business can boom.

The Philippine Economic Zone Authority paid a visit to the Los Angeles Filipino American community, inking a new partnership memorandum of understanding with Fil-Am business leaders.

“We will be choosing not just individuals but organizations throughout the world to be our ka-peeps. What is a ka-peep? A KaPIPPA is a partner,” said BGen Charito B. Plaza, PEZA Director.

“We’re going to be pulling all our sources together the six chambers, in connecting with the US mainstream companies, who might be interested in investing in the Philippines. We’ll be creating an event highlighting and promoting these opportunities.

Plaza, who heads PEZA, says with the Duterte administration’s crackdown on drug use and corruption, to some of the skills Filipinos already have the timing is right for outside investments to enter the Philippines.

She explained that under her watch, PEZA is hoping to reach out to as many industries in as many areas to work together to create jobs.

With initiatives that include industrializing rural areas in an environmentally friendly way, Plaza says one of the biggest goals of PEZA is to draw in US investments into certain regions, to create local jobs and a positive domino effect in their areas.

“We are also providing them the buying power, so if all Filipinos can have jobs, through our economic zones and industries… they will create a multiplier effect because if people have jobs they have money, all the money, whats the multiplier effect? Businesses will be created. If they have jobs they have money, their acquisition of property will increase.”

Plaza adds that many of the Philippines selling points including hospitality, and lower costs of living will be major selling points for outside investors.

There will also be some tax breaks and incentives depending on the type of industry that coming in.


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  • Mario
    30 March 2019 at 12:54 am - Reply

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