Petition calls on Congress to 'give up their paychecks'


Feb. 21, 2014

WASHINGTON (CNN) – will announce on Thursday that nearly 30,000 Americans have signed a new petition by the progressive group that calls on Congress to return their paychecks “if they are not planning to do any more work this year.”

The group tells CNN the signatures were collected in the past 48 hours.

The petition states: “If Congressional Republicans don’t plan on passing any more legislation until November, then they should give up their paychecks until then.”

The group says it launched the petition after some GOP leaders in Congress were quoted in media stories saying they had no plans to vote for important legislation until after November’s midterm election.

“Congress has a long to-do list. They should be considering legislation to raise the minimum wage, extend unemployment insurance, pass comprehensive immigration reform, and create more jobs,” said Nick Berning, Communications Director of MoveOn Political Action. “It is shameful that it is only February and Congressional Republicans are already throwing in the towel for the year.”

The most recent approval ratings for Congress in national public opinion polling stand in the low to mid teens, just above all-time lows.

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  • Jack
    23 February 2014 at 11:08 am - Reply, biggest donor is George Soros, connected with One World government, the currency trader and allegedly, agent handler for Obama. DHS bought 2Billion hollow point ammo last year, another 700,000 ammo this month. 2014 election will be a big defeat for Democrats, because Americans are tired from the party of liars. Obama will sign executive order for gun owners to surrender their firearms or it will be confiscated by the gov’t agents.American will never surrender their gun and civil disturbances is expected.This will be a good reasons for Obama to declare Martial law before 2016 and will be a lifetime President..