Pence’s debate performance impresses conservative Fil-Ams

Filipino conservatives in California believe Vice President Mike Pence delivered an impressive debate performance against Senator Kamala Harris. They say President Trump’s number two was able to debunk the assertions of his rival for the country’s second highest post. Steve Angeles has the story.

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  • Mario
    9 October 2020 at 2:04 am - Reply

    This VP debate might be the LAST ONE,Pres.Trump announce he will NOT,participate in the next debate after the Presidential Debate Commission change debate format to VIRTUAL without consulting Trump and RNC. Trump said he is not going to waste his time on VIRTUAL debate,the event will be at a town hall style meeting with Trump and Biden at remote locations. TRUMP wanted all voters to see a head to head debate, wanted all voters to see the debater body languages, emotions, reactions on how they answer the questions. A VIRTUAL is a (laptop to Laptop) there are people behind BIDEN who are coaching the correct answer. TRUMP will have posted multiple NEGATIVE test prior to the debate. He was tested negative before he was release from the Hospital and tested again Negative last Wednesday the last day of his Rendisiver.He is being tested everyday at the WH. Its no coincidence the debate format was change the morning after VP M Pence utterly destroy K Harris in the VP debate.

    • Arbi
      10 October 2020 at 9:49 am - Reply

      “Prove” Trump “had multiple negative results” (que the cricket sound effect). You’re still a LIAR and a GHOUL