Parols light up San Francisco with Filipino Christmas traditions

by Kelly Deleon, ABS-CBN News

SAN FRANCISCO — The 16th annual Parol Lantern Festival theme this year is “Together We Shine” — placing an emphasis on the importance of community.

“The parol lantern festival is about the community coming together to celebrate Filipino culture. It was a demonstration project for the Bayanihan Community Center. Bayanihan which means community coming together,” said Bernadette Sy.

From the young to the old, these kababayans created parols and showed them off in a parade commonly referred to as the “parol stroll.”

Different organizations came out to celebrate and decorated their paroles in unique ways. For example, this one right here done by the Bayanihan equity center, decorated theirs with colorful infinity lights that’s suppose to represent future generations. But, as soon as you take a look into it, it turns into a mirror that’s suppose to represent seeing yourself in others.

The parol festival highlighted the importance of its role in Filipino culture.

While the event was organized by the Filipino community, the customs and traditions were meant to be celebrated by all.

The Parol Lantern Festival was one of the last events after a year of successful Filipino night markets and festivities.

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