Parkland, Florida shooting survivors return to school

PARKLAND, FL — They were welcomed Wednesday morning with tight, tearful hugs and encouragement.

About 3,000 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students went back to school in Parkland, two weeks after a former student opened fire at the school using an assault rifle, killing 14 of their schoolmates and three teachers.

Florida governor Rick Scott on Tuesday vowed to protect every student in his state, where over 122,000 Filipinos reside.

“We need increased law enforcement presence in every school larger schools have larger presence,” said Scott.

Governor Scott says the state will spend $500 million dollars not just to invest in mental illness but also to keep each school safe.

“We’ve got to invest in metal detectors, bulletproof glass, steel doors, updated locks.”

But Filipino American teacher Aurora Torres Hansen, who has been an educator in Tallahassee for over 25 years, says the money should be spent on fortifying classrooms.

“I believe that when addition funding is available, it is most effectively used by increasing the number of teachers and certified teacher aides available to individual students.”

Teenage survivors of the February 14 mass shooting immediately started their campaign for stricter gun laws.

While wiping tears, they have raised their fists and cried out never again to gun violence.

Their plea is for lawmakers to do something so someone like the alleged gunman, 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz, would not be able to buy an assault rifle.


Meanwhile, President Trump is meeting a bipartisan group of lawmakers this afternoon to discuss school safety.


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