Parents of murdered Filipina in Hawaii react to plea bargain deal

HAWAII — In Honolulu, the elderly parents of a slain Filipina are speaking out after the charges against their daughter’s suspected killer were reduced.

The parents of Helen Prestosa, a Filipina who went missing in late 2015 and whose remains were found a few months later in 2016, are speaking out following the latest development in her murder case.

At the first circuit court in Honolulu, the defendant Jhun Ley Irorita recently accepted a plea bargain from the state, lowering the charge in his case.

Last Friday, Irorita pleaded no contest in his case, dropping his charge from murder to first-degree assault. It is now up to a parole board to decide how much time he will spend, out of a maximum of ten years in prison.

Irorita is accused of killing Prestosa, who disappeared in November 2015.

Prestosa’s case was initially filed as a missing person case. It turned into a homicide investigation when in early 2016, volunteers who were doing a cleanup along Honolulu’s Tantalus Hill found a skull, later identified as the remains of the missing Filipina.

“They gonna pay because they took away my daughter who was working, and we need help also.”

Ted Prestosa is now 87, and according to his statements, is battling several illnesses. He has a pacemaker for his heart that was installed in 2001 and has not been changed out since then. According to him, it’s supposed to be taken out every ten years.

“Helen is a great help to us, and she’s gone, we are in very dire need of her help. Now we are really struggling… we have to result to a little help from social security. They give us only very little, because I only worked for ten years.”

Helen’s mother remembers her as a generous daughter.

“Palaging… hindi maramot. Mabait. Kaya nung… pag nililinisan ko yung kuwan… umiiyak ako. Bago mamatay, binilhan pa ako ng bag na mamahalin. Sabi ko sanya, bakit ka pa bumili nito…palagi lang man pinupuntahan ko eh palengke, sabi ko.”

BA also reached out to deputy public defender Christian Enright, who had no comment at this time.

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