Pacquiao’s training assistant opens his own SoCal boxing gym

LAWNDALE, CA — Marvin Somodio’s aspirations to become a fighter never materialized, but after finding that his success from the corner, he hasn’t looked back.

In 2009, Manny Pacquiao and his team were impressed by a local trainer in Baguio City seven years ago, and they decided to bring him to Los Angeles — where he’s trained many of the world’s top fighters, in the corner of championship moments.

“They just saw my potential; I learned fast. Swerti lang, blessing, after few months in America nag sabas ako aged sa world title fight.”

While he still assisted Team Pacquiao last month, Somodio and business partner Brendan O’Reilly have been putting the finishing touches on Combinations Boxing Academy in Lawndale.

A name means more than a series of punches.

“We also called it Combinations because this is the meaning of combine-nations, it’s united by boxing so people of all different parts of the world are welcome.”

World champions, and celebrities and visited Somodio at the recent grand opening celebration and many fighters have begun setting up camp.

“Hindi ko na isip, ang alalala ko lang ang sinabi ng tata ko, pag binigyan ka ng responsibility sa buhay, gawin mo, gawin mo ang tama at tsaka mahalin mo anong na bigay sa yo yun lang at eto ang resulta.”

Students of all levels can come in for group classes, or one on one training sessions, even a beginner like me.

“Yun ang number one goal ko maging maraming world champions, hindi lang sa pilipinas kung hindi sa buong mundo na recognize tayo pangalawa siempre gusto natin ishare knowledge natin sa mga normal ng tao na mahilig sa boxing at magkaroon sila ganda ang health at making ayos ng buhay din.”

Like many of his students and fighters, coach Marvin’s humility, hard work and dedication has become his winning combination for success.

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