Pacquiao’s sparring partners say the Filipino Champion’s skills are still top notch

LOS ANGELES — Manny Pacquiao went 6 more hard-hitting rounds of sparring on Saturday afternoon.

While the Pacman shuffled several sparring partners throughout his 4-week US training camp, Abraham Lopez and Jessie Roman have been his constant partners.

23-year-old Lopez, from Southern California, with a 10-2-and 1 record, wasn’t even born yet when the Pacman made his professional debut in 1995.

From the morning runs to the late afternoon AB workouts, Lopez has been the Pacman’s shadow throughout the camp.

“I grew up watching Manny, I’ve learned from Manny and to be in the same room, to be in the same ring as Manny is just incredible… It’s been incredible, I’ve been learning a lot, experienced a lot and I’m gonna take a lot from him.”

“We’re fighting guys younger also, they bring whatever we need to the table, both of these guys are very good sparring partners because they fight like our opponent, and they know and studied him and watch tapes on him and all that stuff and they do the best they can to be our opponent,” said Freddie Roach.

28-year-old Jessie Roman of Orange County is no stranger to Team Pacquiao serving as a sparring partner for two of Pacquiao’s fights against Juan Manuel Marquez.

For this camp against Thurman, Roman sparred about 25 rounds with the Pacman.

Arnold Gonzales who has sparred with Pacquiao earlier this year for the Adrien Broner Fight also sparred with the Pacman for the camps opening sparring sessions.

As he trades punches with the Pacman, Lopez himself is gearing up for combat, he’ll fight locally on August 3rd.

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