Pacquiao’s new mouth guard: Protective and political

LOS ANGELES – A smile full of stars will be the look of the actual mouth guard Manny Pacquiao will use on April 9–his fist logo guarding his teeth against Timothy Bradley.

Dr. Ed Dela Vega of Mouthguards for Champs designed the MP logo with the eight stars representing Pacquiao’s eight titles. The red, white and blue represent the Filipino flag.

Dela Vega presented two final designs to Pacman. Both options were completely different from the one that went viral a week ago, showing off political party UNA which has Vice President Jejomar Binay as its presidential bet.

Dela Vega created the UNA piece as a joke.

Pacquiao has been silent during camp after lawmakers complained that his exposure during the fight could be considered as campaigning.

The gag mouthpiece was intended to be used for charity before Pacquiao decided to keep it.

“I want to have him sign it and sell it on eBay with proceeds going to my charity, the Dentistry For Every Village Foundation,” he said.

Each fight requires a new mouth guard. Dela Vega said not only is each guard customized to protect the fighters; the opponents fighting style also plays a factor.

“It has extra hardener in front so it will protect Manny’s teeth because Tim Bradley is known to use his head when he moves forward,” he said. “In case there’s an intentional or accidental headbutt in Manny’s teeth, he would be well protected.”

Dela Vega eventually made another mouth guard, one that hopes to have a long term impact. Pacquiao signed one similar to his fight night model with proceeds going to the Dentistry For Every Village Foundation.

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