Pacquiao claims training Chinese boxers may ease Philippine-China tensions

By Balitang America Staff, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

August 27, 2014

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – Manny Pacquiao has confirmed through an interview with ABS-CBN news that he will help the Chinese government in developing its professional boxers.

Pacquiao addressed this issue in an exclusive Balitang America interview, as he arrived at the San Francisco International Airport from Shanghai this morning.

The eight division world champion said he plans to share his knowledge on boxing through a training academy in China that will be named the Manny Pacquiao Boxing Education Institute.

When asked why he chose to train Chinese boxers over his country’s own athletes, Pacquiao said the Philippines has no problems developing its own boxers and that he is already training some boxers there.

He also claimed that his new partnership with China will actually ease tensions between China and the Philippines – both countries continue to fight over some territories in the West Philippine Sea.

“Maganda yung to build relationship sa bansang China,” said Pacquiao. “Maganda rito because of course our partnership is from the government. Maganda itong partnership namin.”

Rodel Rodis, president of U.S. Pinoys for Good Governance, told Balitang America that Pacquiao’s partnership with China will help him to pay off the billions of pesos in taxes he owes to the Philippine government.

“This deal with China will result in millions for him that he can use, hopefully, to pay his taxes to the Philippines, which will help develop the country,” he said.

Rodis said that it would be naive for Pacquiao to believe his work with China would ease tensions between the two countries.

“If China were to say it was no longer going to invade the Philippines, that it would remove its military base from Mabini Reef, that will thaw relations. Not getting Manny Pacquiao to set up boxing academies all over China,” Rodis said.

He added: “It shows a very elementary understanding of the dispute.”

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