Pacquiao will no longer appeal case to NSAC


MANILA – Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao will no longer file an appeal with the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) following Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s reported use of intravenous (IV) treatment to counter dehydration for their bout last May.

Pacquiao, who earlier urged the NSAC to punish Mayweather for his actions, told ABS-CBN’s Francis Canlas that he’ll leave it up to the fans to assess the fight.

“The fans know what happened,” the eight-division former world champion said in Filipino. “They (Mayweather camp) can’t cover this up and they know this. It pays to have peace of mind.”

An investigative report posted on SB Nation earlier alleged that the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) found evidence that Mayweather underwent IV infusion at his home in Las Vegas on the eve of his Fight of the Century against Pacquiao.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) guidelines prohibits IV infusions because they can be used to mask performance-enhancing drugs and increase plasma volume levels.

But Mayweather and the USADA both insisted the boxer’s actions were legal as the former was given a therapeutic exemption.

“I always keep trust in God, believe in God,” said Pacquiao. “Everything they said, everything they did will haunt them. Especially with our last fight.”

Pacquiao said he felt vindicated after a report alleged Mayweather allegedly received saline and vitamins through IV injection, which did not conform to WADA guidelines.

While Mayweather got an exemption, the NSAC denied Pacquiao’s request to be injected with Toradol on fight night. The drug, deemed legal under WADA standards, was supposed to ease the inflammation caused by Pacquiao’s torn rotator cuff.

The commission turned down the Filipino’s request as it was not made in a “timely manner.”

As a result, the Filipino boxer struggled with an injured shoulder all throughout the Mayweather fight. He lost via unanimous decision.

“Imagine, I fought despite the pain from 4th to 12th round, I didn’t give up for my fans,” Pacquiao said through his spokesman Aquiles Zonio.

“I submitted to NSAC rules that barred me from taking mineral water and energy vitamins to my locker room.”

Pacquiao said he hopes the NSAC will exercise fairness next time.

“If there will be a rematch, it should be on fair grounds… The Mayweather camp should not dictate all the terms and conditions. It’s OK to get the lower half of the share, but all other aspects of the fight should be fair.”

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